This Valentine's Day, Will You Pucker or Pout?

The 14th of February is a day that has us, as a nation, almost as deeply divided as Marmite. We either love it or we hate it - and our feelings are generally dictated by whether or not we have a special person to share it with. Here at Rhiwbina Dental, we don’t judge, but we do think that we can help you, whichever side of the divide you fall on!

Pucker up!

Do you have a Valentine this year? Follow our three simple steps to making sure your smile is kiss-worthy:

  • Deep clean
    A visit with one of our hygienists is more than just a dental treatment - it’s a Valentine’s treatment. Why? Because removing the build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth will brighten your smile and also help rid your mouth of the bacteria that causes bad breath (halitosis). Whether your ideal romantic evening consists of dancing a tango or cuddling in front of a fire, make sure your breath doesn’t act like a wet blanket!
  • Teeth whitening
    Half the fun of having a special someone is boasting about your bliss on social media, right? So make sure you’re ready for those smug snaps with a professional teeth-whitening treatment. Dentist-prescribed teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to get your teeth dramatically whiter than they’ve ever been. With convenient options to choose from, including in-surgery or at-home whitening, you’re sure to find one that suits you and gets your smile selfie-ready in time for V-Day.
  • A facial refresh
    The stresses of daily life take their toll on the best of us, but who wants to look drawn and weary when romance comes to call? Our botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments are straightforward and quick to carry out, requiring little to no downtime, making them ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a quick yet subtle lift that will have your special someone remarking how well you look, without guessing why.

Prefer to pout?

If you’re sitting this one out, we’ll leave you to it, but not before reminding you that, should you ever change your mind about romance, the following treatments might help boost your confidence to ‘get back out there’:

  • Porcelain veneers
    Often likened to false fingernails for your teeth, porcelain veneers can cover a multitude of minor imperfections, such as cracks, stains, gaps and misalignment. Because they fit on the fronts of your teeth, with minimal preparation required, they are often an effective way to makeover your smile - for Mr/Ms Wonderful or just for yourself!
  • Dental implants
    If you’re missing one or more teeth, chances are you’re not eating, speaking or smiling the way you used to. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants restores your lifestyle and, with it, your sense of self-worth. Thought you couldn’t implant confidence? Think again!
  • Invisible braces
    If you’ve been 'making do’ with a crooked smile for years, possibly even covering your mouth when you speak or laugh, then why not finally do something about it? They say the single most attractive thing about a person is a confident smile, so get yours straightened out with invisible and convenient adult orthodontics. You’ll never regret it.

To learn more about any of our smile-enhancing treatments in the lead up to Valentine’s Day (or any time of year), call us on 029 2062 6551.

Stop Cancer Sooner

Your dental health is closely linked to your general health and conditions that affect one will likely impact the other. For this reason, we at Rhiwbina are concerned with helping to raise awareness of not just oral cancers, but the whole range of cancers that can affect our patients.

World Cancer Day 2018 is all about stopping cancer sooner. This can be achieved in two ways: by funding research to help prevent and cure cancers sooner and also by raising awareness to help detect cancers sooner.

Fund research

Almost all of us know someone who’s battled cancer - some are still with us and some, sadly are not. One in three of us will be touched by the disease, so funding cancer research is something that you or someone you love will likely benefit from in your lifetime. With that in mind, why not wear a Unity Band to show your support? Your £2 donation goes towards funding the important work researchers do into developing new early detection methods and better treatments.

New discoveries are happening every day, but they often raise more questions and we’re still a long way off from the ever-elusive vaccine or cure.

Raise awareness

The other thing about fundraising is that whatever you do, whether it’s simply wearing a Unity Band or going all out and running a marathon, you’re bound to get people thinking about cancer along the way. Awareness is important because it helps with fundraising, but also because the more people know about the early signs of cancer, the more likely they are to get checked and catch it early. And early detection is key to maximising survival rates. Finally, increasing awareness is enormously helpful to those battling cancer, as it makes us all more sensitive to the kinds of issues and struggles they face.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to contact us on 029 2062 6551. And remember, we offer FREE mouth cancer screening as part of every dental check-up, so make sure you attend regularly. In fact, why not book your next appointment now?

Dry January – is it worth it?

Of course it is! Quitting the booze for a month not only gives your liver a well-earned rest after Christmas, it has huge benefits for your dental health too. Here’s how.

Tooth decay & tooth erosion
Alcohol is high in acid and sugar, the two main contributors to tooth decay. Add fizzy drinks or fruit juice into the mix and you have a pretty lethal cocktail when it comes to your dental enamel, the shield that protects teeth from cavities and staining. And that’s not all – alcohol reduces saliva too, which is needed to neutralise the acid in your mouth. That ‘dry mouth’ feeling after a night out is a major indicator that your teeth are vulnerable to erosion and decay.  

Mouth cancer
Excessive drinking is a major cause of mouth cancer – statistics show that heavy drinkers are four times more at risk than non-drinkers. And while most of us wouldn’t consider ourselves to be a heavy drinker, not everyone is aware of the impact of combining smoking with drinking. If you smoke as well as drink alcohol, you’re 30 times more at risk of getting mouth cancer. Taking a month off alcohol with Dry January will help get you into the habit of not drinking every night, and make it easier to stick to a healthier outlook in future.

We all know red wine is a major culprit when it comes to stained teeth – but while those dark surface stains that appear over an evening of red-wine drinking can be mostly brushed away, the greater damage is less obvious. Any form of alcohol – white and sparkling wines, beer and even clear spirits – will attack your tooth enamel, making teeth more susceptible to deep staining. Dry January will give your teeth a rest from alcohol – plus, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a teeth-whitening session!

Tips for making it through the month
1. Get the app. The Dry January & Beyond app tracks your progress each day, showing how much money and calories you’ve saved and offering motivational support and links to useful articles.
2. Visit your hygienist. A confidence-boosting scale and polish will motivate you to keep your teeth healthy and stain-free. Plus you’ll get lots of advice to help with any lifestyle changes you want to make – from getting through Dry January to stopping smoking and eating mindfully.

3. Distract yourself with a new hobby. Chances are your head is clearer and you’re sleeping better if you’re doing Dry January – so there’s no better time to try something new.

4. Treats! You’ll have saved a lot of money doing Dry January – so why not reward yourself with the smile you’ve always wanted? From bespoke teeth whitening to dental implants and facial aesthetics, you can access a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments with Rhiwbina Dental – and our 0% finance options make it even easier.

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