Dental Hygienist in Cardiff

At Rhiwbina Dental, we offer our patients direct access to hygiene appointments – which means you don’t need to first see the dentist to be referred for your professional teeth cleaning.


Simply call us and make an appointment any time you like. After your first examination, your hygienist will recommend a suitable interval for your repeat visits, depending on your individual oral health requirements. Hygiene appointments are your opportunity to get a professional deep-clean, which removes plaque and tartar from areas the toothbrush misses, and lifts away stains caused by smoking or tannin-rich foods and drinks.

Direct access appointments to make life easy for you

Why dental hygiene is the key to good health

Good dental hygiene is fundamental to having healthy teeth and gums and also to your overall health. Routine visits to the dental hygienist are just as important as check-ups with your dentist. But why?


The answer lies in plaque and tartar – the enemy of teeth! If left to their own devices, plaque, a colourless, sticky film of bacteria that eventually hardens into tartar, can cause significant problems associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Hygiene therapy involves thoroughly assessing the health of your teeth and gums and gently removing any stubborn plaque and tartar build-up around the teeth and below the gum line that simple brushing alone cannot always remove.

Our experienced dental hygienists are key members of the Rhiwbina Dental team, working alongside our dentists to provide the very best in oral health care. Not only do they give your teeth the very best deep clean, they are on hand to advise you on every aspect of your oral health and show you how best to keep your teeth in a clean and healthy state through effective brushing and flossing. They are also experts in caring for patients with severe gum problems, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and for those who have had extensive reconstructive work such as implants.

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