Specialist care for gum disease patients in Cardiff

The team at Rhiwbina Dental includes two specialist periodontists, as well as a number of dentists with a special interest in this field of dentistry.


Periodontics deals with problems in the tissues that surround your teeth, and gum disease is the most common of these concerns. While early stages of gum disease can be reversed with a robust hygiene routine, the later stages – periodontitis – can only be stopped and managed. If neglected, periodontitis leads to gum recession and tooth loss. At Rhiwbina Dental, our patients have access to specialist periodontal care, so we can treat your gum disease with advanced procedures, including gum surgery, without needing to refer you outside the practice.

Specialist periodontics

A tailored approach to preventing gum disease

At Rhiwbina Dental, our periodontists work closely with our hygiene team to help patients control their gum disease, or prevent it altogether.


The root cause of gum disease is primarily dental plaque – a sticky, colourless film of bacteria that constantly builds up around the gum line. Plaque causes tooth enamel to decay, and without daily brushing and flossing, it will harden and form tartar, which brushing alone cannot remove. The longer plaque and tartar remain on teeth, the more harmful they become, leading to gingivitis (bleeding, swollen, sore gums). With good oral hygiene, gingivitis can be reversed. But left alone, it will develop into periodontitis, which may require specialist treatment.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is the most important factor in preventing gum disease. At Rhiwbina Dental, your dental hygienist will show you how to brush, and also how to use floss and inter-dental brushes to remove plaque and food debris from places toothbrushes can’t reach. They can also offer tailored advice on the products that are right for you, and help with lifestyle concerns, such as smoking and diet.

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