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Rhiwbina Dental offers our patients two different whitening systems to meet your differing needs.

Enlighten Evolution Whitening is considered to be the gold standard in professional teeth whitening and is the only product to guarantee Vita shade B1 for every patient and long-lasting whitening results with low sensitivity.

Rhiwbina Dental also offers White Dental Beauty take home kit – a professional whitening system, powered by NOVON® patented technology. White Dental Beauty 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gels can achieve a long lasting whitening effect within a shorter time frame compared to other professional brands.

How it works

For home whitening, we’ll first send your dental impressions to a dental lab, which will manufacture custom-fit whitening trays that target the bleaching gel far more effectively than over-the-counter products. The advantage of whitening your teeth at home is that you can brighten your teeth by as many shades as you want to (it is not possible to go “too white” by mistake) – plus, you can use your trays for top-up treatments in the future if required.

Take-home whitening  kits at Rhiwbina Dental

Can whitening damage my teeth?

Carried out by a dentist, professional whitening treatment will not damage the surface of your teeth or change their shape in any way.

How long do whitening results last?

This will depend on your diet and lifestyle. Whitened teeth are still prone to staining through things such as drinking a lot of tea, coffee or red wine, but with care whitening results can last for several years.

Can whitening lighten stained crowns or veneers?

Unfortunately not – whitening can only change the shade of your natural teeth. If you have discoloured restorations, your dentist can discuss the options available for changing them to match your newly whitened teeth.

Does teeth whitening have side effects?

Some people may experience some temporary tooth sensitivity for a short time after whitening treatment. This is quite normal and will subside after a few days.

Can I eat and drink normally after whitening treatment?

It is advisable to avoid staining items such as tea, coffee, red wine and smoking for at least 24 hours after whitening treatment.


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