High-tech restorative treatments to bring your smile back to full function

CEREC® technology has made the process of getting a dental crown faster and more convenient than ever – and with a specialist in restorative dentistry on our team, you can feel confident you are getting the best possible care.


Rhiwbina Dental currently has four CEREC® machines that enable your dentist to prepare your tooth for a crown by taking scanned images using the latest CAD/CAM image technology. Each crown is custom designed and coloured to match your existing teeth, before being milled whilst you wait. This technology means no impressions need to be taken, and no temporary crown is required. Instead of waiting weeks for your restoration to be returned from a dental lab, CEREC® treatment can usually be completed in just one convenient appointment.

CEREC® single appointment crowns


Wherever possible the dentists and therapists at Rhiwbina Dental try to avoid the use of silver (amalgam) fillings.


Instead, where appropriate, we offer natural tooth coloured or white fillings that use the latest bonding technology in order to preserve more of your natural tooth. White fillings are mouldable, so they fit the contours of your existing tooth and require less drilling than traditional metal fillings. Plus, they are completely indistinguishable from your natural teeth, so you won’t experience the ‘shadowed smile’ amalgam can cause. For more information, please ask any member of your dental team.

If you are having dental implants at Rhiwbina Dental, your treatment will likely involve the creation of a custom restoration, such as a crown or bridge to complete your smile.


Crowns and bridges are also routinely used for patients who have had root canal treatment, or to strengthen teeth that have been compromised, either through injury or extensive tooth decay. Created using your dental impressions, crowns are custom-made to cap your existing tooth, match its shade and save it from being extracted. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge uses a prosthetic tooth or teeth to hide the gap in your smile, secured at each end by crowns.


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