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I just wanted to drop a quick email to say how impressed I was with the service provided to me yesterday. I had been in considerable pain over the weekend and quite rightly so, my sister Sarah Henry who works in your practice recommended that I give you a call to see if there was anything you could do. On calling I was presented with three possible same-day appointments (something which my own dental practice could not provide) and booked in immediately. I let the telephone call handler know that I was an anxious patient and I believe this was passed on to my dentist.

During my appointment, I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity. As an extremely nervous patient (due to previous trauma), I was understandably very anxious but Jon was professional, reassuring and put me at ease, I felt comfortable in his hands and for that, I am very grateful. My problem was dealt with quickly and less than 24 hrs later I am feeling a lot better. All the staff at the practice were lovely and professional and I will most definitely be returning as a registered patient.
I just wanted to say thank you for fitting me in so quickly and thank you for your care and attention.

Hannah CoupeAnother Smiling Patient

I just wanted to drop a line to say how utterly thrilled and impressed we have been with the service provided to us since joining the practice recently.

The whole team, and particularly Shaun and Sophie have turned what has previously been a dreaded experience into quite the opposite! I had something that should have been awful done today and it was executed immaculately and barely phased me. Unbelievable!

Kudos to the whole team. And thank you very much.

Sophie BaronAnother Smiling Patient

I was always very aware of my chipped, uneven teeth, especially the very large gap at the front. I was so conscious that I often refused to smile in photographs. Dr Richard Crossland and his team provided me with a number of options to address this. In the end I chose Invisalign, and I am so glad that I did. Richard advised that I could get the smile I always longed for within 13 weeks. Fast forward 13 weeks, and true to his word, the gaps in my teeth had closed and my uneven teeth are now aligned. I then had a short course of whitening, followed by some composite bonding to eliminate the chips and provide a softer, smother yet natural finish to my teeth.

I highly recommend Richard and his team, who have exceeded all my expectations. I now have a set of teeth and a smile that I am very pleased with…….all that’s left to say is……..bring on the photographs!!!!

Mr James HolidaySmiling Patient

I wanted to thank your team for my recent treatment.

I was scheduled to have three teeth removed in a couple of weeks time due to a postponement whilst certain clinical issues were resolved. However I had a flare up of pain that I tried to endure but finally gave up at 6.00 pm on a Monday. Dr Jonathan Colman-Nally saw me within the hour giving me emergency treatment and arranging to extract the teeth on the Saturday after a relevant doctors appointment. He did this with some belt and braces work as a result of my clinical condition. Please thank Jonathan and his Dental Assistant for me.

Another Happy Patient

I saw Richard on Saturday for 3 new crowns, I just wanted to say that I am really pleased with them and everyone says they look really good. In my opinion, Richard is an amazing dentist and an amazing person. I have complete trust in everything he does for me and the suggestions he makes. I don’t ever remember laughing in a dental appointment, however, Richard makes me laugh from the moment I walk through the door and this makes me feel completely at ease and takes away the feeling of dread of going to a dentist, which is a first for me. I am finally starting to get my confidence back through the work Richard has done, and continues to do, and the work I am having done at the Dental Hospital. You have an amazing team there. I am made to feel like a valued patient, which was not the case in previous dentists, where I was made to feel like an inconvenience and that they were doing me a favour by seeing me as a patient. Richard is funny, caring and sensitive to my feelings and has never made me feel like the treatment I am having is as a result of bad oral hygiene.

I am so very pleased I started going to Rhiwbina Dental, as nothing is ever too much trouble, and everyone is always happy and accommodating. As mentioned above, I am also having work done at the Dental Hospital in the Heath under Professor Thomas, Nick and Rob and I did not realise until Richard mentioned it during conversation that Rhiwbina Dental is Nick’s practice. I knew Rob worked at Rhiwbina as Rob did my very first implant there, however, I did not realise that Professor Thomas and Nick also work there. I have been to a number of different practices over the years as I have lived in a number of different countries and I can honestly say Rhiwbina is the best practice I have ever been to. The warmth, friendliness and compassion shown in Rhiwbina, extends to the team at the Dental Hospital also. Professor Thomas, Nick and Rob show that you can be at the top in your profession, but you can still be human and show warmth and compassion. I cannot thank the team enough.

I’ve had so many lovely compliments over the weekend about my crowns that I wanted to share my appreciation with you. As human beings, I believe we sometimes criticise for bad service but don’t always remember to compliment for good service.

Richard is responsible for my treatment, but you are right it is all the staff that are responsible for making people feel welcome and guide us through the whole experience. When I walk into Rhiwbina dental practice, I get a sense of a real family atmosphere with people happy and smiling, which is infectious.

L. PerryCrowns & Bridges at The Pines

Hi Joon,

You will obviously realise that every time I have entered your surgery I have been burdened by extreme fright both of the procedures to be done & by the visions of how I might look afterwards. You have no idea of the dire extreme visions I have had, days & nights since 2017/18 when I realised that I no longer had the hope of continuing with my original teeth.

Today as I walked down the path from your Surgery I laughed & cried with your reassurance that with my best efforts & your support my remaining teeth are ok . Just as I did with the comfort & joy you have gave me
as I walked away from you with my temporaries, my final set, my bridge.

What a journey with diversions to Bisphosphonates & Oxford. I now fully appreciate that you never overpromised which is why I have confidence in you now. I realise now the success of my permanents when I am told I can flicker a natural smile, laugh & even do sound effects without worrying.

I refer solely to your professional expertise, your welcoming & reassuring demeanour & that of your nurses which could not be surpassed. Many, many thanks to you & all of them. Big hugs but it takes me those important steps to get outside before I realise how happy I feel, & by then it is too late for the hugs.

Maybe not your best patient but a very grateful one, thank you .

A happy patientOral surgery at Rhiwbina Dental

Just to say thank you. I broke my back tooth Friday 19th Feb. I phoned after 3pm and was given a 9am appointment Saturday 20th Feb. I was looked after so very well. Your Receptionist came out in the rain twice to me; Dentist John was very kind and helpful and so too was his Dental Assistant. Thank you all for your very quick attention.

Margaret EBroken Tooth Treatment

My son Cian and I have been attending your dental practice for several years. Cian and I both had worries about our dental problems, but since we have been coming here we have grown in confidence. Cian has Dyspraxia, an anxiety disorder, but since he discovered Rhiwbina Dental he has grown in confidence about his teeth and mouth issues and is able to discuss these and not be so frightened. My son now calls this practice his tooth family.

I am an asthmatic lady aged 65. Because this practice is so friendly and welcoming, and also very professional, I can now cope with my asthma and appointments, knowing they understand my problem.

Recently I had root canal surgery, which actually I was quite frightened of. However, the young dentist who performed my treatment was so enthusiastic about his work that I felt no pain and little discomfort afterwards.

After many years of poor treatment at other practices I am now able to visit the dentist with confidence, and for this I am hugely grateful, as well as for my son.

Thank you and very best wishes!

Jane Perkins & Cian DaviesRoot canal at Rhiwbina Dental

Thank you so much for the amazing work that you did on my two upper front teeth yesterday. I can't express how thrilled I am with this treatment. In the short time of 45 minutes you transformed them from cracked and discoloured aged teeth into smart youthful white ones and with little or no pain or discomfort! AMAZING!!!! The result has exceeded all my hopes and expectations and improved my morale so much!
I'm not sure why I am surprised because you have been so committed to responding to the aging state of my "Scottish" teeth when others might have given up the struggle! Your work on the recent gold crown, work in repeated dental emergencies as well as ongoing care over the last few years particularly has been outstanding. I don't know where I would have been without you as my dentist and indeed the support of the whole team at the surgery. What an amazingly wonderful place it is: Scented candles, current magazines and periodicals as well as these most up to date treatments and welcoming staff. What else could anyone need!
I don't normally write in such effusive terms but I have appreciated so much your skill, patience, determination and good humour. You are a STAR!
So thanks again for this most recent treatment! I appreciate it very much.

LizRestoration at Rhiwbina Dental

Just wanted to say thank you very much to you and your team for my teeth. If I hadn’t been so tired on the day of the final fitting I’m sure I would have been so excited about them. All that worry for nothing!!! I am so pleased and feel so much more confident now. Thank you all once again for everything. You have a fabulous team. Always welcoming and always friendly. Made those visits and ops all the more bearable – cos at the end of the day – who likes going to the dentist!!

A patient with brand new Rhiwbina smileOral surgery at Rhiwbina Dental

I wish to express in writing my gratitude for the extra time and care you took, when removing my eye-tooth. During an extraction in the past I did lose the adjacent tooth so I know, to my cost, that the scenario does exist and how very upset I was by it. Thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put in on my behalf and for the denture.

Another smiling patientTeeth extraction and denture at Rhiwbina Dental

Just a quick message to say a very big thank you for the kindness I was showed yesterday. The attention I received, at very very short notice, was met with the usual very high standard of care and understanding we always receive at the surgery.

From someone who had a deep rooted fear of dentistry from a very early age, you have made the whole experience of oral care almost enjoyable!

Thanks again.

A relieved drop-in patientEmergency care at Rhiwbina Dental

Thank you so much for making my wisdom extraction a million times better than I feared it would be! You have certainly helped cure my phobia of 'the dentist'!

Another smiling patientWisdom teeth extraction at Rhiwbina Dental

Dear Nick and Colleagues,
I am just writing to thank you and your team for the recent treatment I received for implants. Due to previous trauma it has been necessary to remove a number of teeth and this is the second time it has been necessary to have implants.
Whilst the first time the procedure was done some two years ago, I was full of apprehension believing it would be extremely painful. I should not have been concerned, due to your expertise, I had a small amount of discomfort which did not last long.
Now I have had the second procedure, I must congratulate you, there was even less discomfort.
I am delighted with the end results, I feel far more confident, my appetite has returned, and my general health has improved considerably.
I can not thank you enough and would recommend the procedure undertaken by yourself to anyone.
Kind regards,

B.SmithTooth extraction at Rhiwbina Dental

On another note, I would like to add that I have visited numerous dentists over the years and none have put me at ease as much as Rob and Richard have. From the moment I walked into your dental practice, Sophie made me feel very comfortable with her friendly personality.

I must also mention, that whilst Sioned was very quiet, she also made me feel relaxed and not judged. My teeth are in a terrible state and I always dread visiting new dentists for fear of being judged and having the dentist and dental nurse assume I have poor dental hygiene.

From the initial assessment, both Rob and Richard said that my dental hygiene is good which made me feel very relaxed. After having a couple of appointments with Rob, I did not think any other dentist would make me feel as comfortable, however, Richard with his friendly, outgoing personality did just that. The culture you foster is second to none and something I have never experienced before.

LornaExcellent care at Rhiwbina Dental

Thanks a lot for sorting out my ‘gunky gums’! But most of all for giving me back my smile.

Another Smiling PatientDental Hygiene treatment at Rhiwbina Dental

Dear Rhiwbina Dental, I would just like to extend my gratitude to Dr Jonathan Coleman-Nally.
The service I have received from him and the staff at the pines has been exemplary.

Probably how we should be in the medical profession. Very impressed by it all.
I was tentative about seeing a dentist after neglecting my dental health for a number of years but I am so glad I made the decision to come to Rhiwbina Dental and see Dr Coleman-Nally.

Best Wishes.

The whole team, and particularly Shaun and Sophie have turned what has previously been a dreaded experience into quite the opposite! I had something that should have been awful done today and it was executed immaculately and barely phased me. Unbelievable!

Kudos to the whole team. And thank you very much.

Another happy patientDental treatment at Rhiwbina Dental

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